How to Build an Effective Design Framework

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If you’ve been in the design world for a while, you’ve probably heard these terms: design framework, UI framework, UI kit, or pattern library. They all refer to the same thing—a system of design standards, templates, UI patterns, and components that are used throughout a product and serve its design language. If you haven’t created a […]

Great Questions Lead to Great Design – A Guide to the Design Thinking Process

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Great designers help teams and stakeholders make better decisions by using questions to identify opportunities, reveal underlying needs, and understand user context. James Dyson, having been inspired by a centrifuge used to separate paint particles from the air, came up with the world’s first bagless vacuum cleaner in 1983 after famously going through 5,127 prototypes—the epitome […]

Brutalist Web Design, Minimalist Web Design, and the Future of Web UX

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Are websites becoming more chaotic, cluttered, and unrefined? Are the rules of good design being broken? Is the web turning ugly? Is this a new trend? If you are like most designers and pay close attention to what is going on, you have heard the word brutalismbeing thrown around for a while. Brutalist websites are moving […]

Dashboard Design – Considerations and Best Practices

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Dashboards are a unique and powerful way to present data-based intelligence using data visualization techniques that display relevant, actionable data as well as track stats and key performance indicators (KPIs). Dashboards should present this data in a quick, easy-to-scan format with the most relevant information understandable at a glance. The term was born from the […]

New Realities: VR, AR, MR, and the Future of Design

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Advances in artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and virtual reality mean fresh design opportunities for designers. The digital and technological landscape is constantly changing, and in many ways accelerating. Designers tasked to come up with innovative ideas have to keep track of what is trending and where the creative opportunities are. Recognizing the changes that are […]

Evolving Emojis: Designing for the New Face of Messaging

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The consumer’s fragmented gaze is directed in many spaces. Consumer attention is divided between screens and apps. The average consumer spends about four hours per day on mobile phones with text messages accounting for a majority of the communication time. 50% of time spent is in social, messaging, media, and entertainment applications. This growth has […]

What is UX Design? Common Misconceptions and UX Myths

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Even after all these years, it seems like “UX” is still a buzzword at many companies—“We don’t just need a designer,” the VP of Product declares, “We need a UX Designer!” An audible gasp is heard in the room; everyone in the meeting nods in agreement while surreptitiously Googling “What is UX design?” and “What does […]

How to Effectively Navigate Egos in Design

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Consider great marvels of human civilization from the Great Pyramids to Snapchat. Remarkable feats of ingenuity require vision, ambition, and—above all—collaboration. And you can be sure that in any major creative undertaking, egos abound—just imagine trying to collaborate with larger than life figures like Thomas Edison or Steve Jobs or Kanye West. Innovators and dreamers […]

TV UI Design: Working with White Space

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Designing for TV requires a comprehensive, disciplined understanding of UX principles. One of the elements that is a constant concern when designing for TV is the use of white space in design. There are too many TV apps on the market that don’t know how to (or consciously choose not to) properly harness white space. The […]

Button Design Over the Years – The Dribbble Timeline

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Buttons. With them, we finalize shopping on the internet, we log in to our bank app, and we submit forms filled with our most personal information. Web design is growing at an incredible pace, and styles seem to change from month to month. In just a few years, we have gone from text links to […]