Assassins Creed Wine & Spirits

    I love Assassins Creed, it is my favorite video game franchise. I don't play to many video games anymore but when I do it's a new installment of Assassins Creed. This series of designs are a homage to the AC franchise. I really enjoy package design especially when a glass bottle is involved. Designing glass is an art form and when you design a sleek graphic the creation really comes to life. I would love Ubisoft to open Assassins Creed to different types of markets such as this. Today with most gamers who grew up playing Nintendo are now well into their 30's to 40's marketing a brand of wine and spirits would be another money maker for Ubisoft. The birth of these designs came to life in 2012. I was a teaching a digital illustration course and I gave the students an assignment to create their own wine bottle. So part of the lesson called for a workshop designing a mock up with a design and bottle. This year I am teaching a Graphic Design Production course. I reinstated the same project with other forms of print and web media. I thought it would a be a great time to update the Monteriggioni design and add a few more bottles. With the success of Assassins Creed IV Black Flag I was so inspired to create a Kenway brand of Rum. Also from the graphic novel Assassins Creed The Fall, Nickolai Russian Vodka. Overall this is just me having fun and creating fan art, but imagine having some Kenway 1715 on the rocks. If Ubisoft is hiring I will gladly take on the campaign.

    Assassins Creed Wine & Spirits CollectionAssassins Creed WineKenway Spiced Rum 1715Kenway Jackdaw Aged RumNikolai Distilled Russian Vodka