Gino’s Pizzeria Of Ronkonkoma

I recently completed this site with my colleague who specializes in building sites with Ruby on Rails. It felt really great being able to take a hold of a site and just head in the direction I wanted with very little client input. Their requests were simple, big image slider on the home page and something clean and easy to use. I feel we gave them that. Although, looking at it now, I wish we went white for the overall design. Sometimes I feel black tends to make a web UI bulky and less open to the eye.
As well as creating the overall site design and architecture, I am working on their social platform developing banners and email newsletters to their customer base. The first special we launched was the March Madness special. So far, things seem to be working well. We have gained a decent amount of likes and e-mail sign ups since the launch. The real challenge is keeping the designs and the voice fresh for social media. I am very fortunate to work on this. As with everything, I am learning and growing with the project. →

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