I have been employed with Perfumania since 2011. I was hired at a great time since their web site was due for a re-design.
In 2011 they were still relatively new to the e-commerce market. They did not have any real established online or viral campaigns. I was hired to really take a hold and make something new essentially my own.
In the course of 2011 to October of 2013 I have built and implemented a standard HTML newsletter template and created over hundred promotional campaign banners for our now popular online sales. I have also created multiple designs for online social campaigns and direct mail promotions. My designs have been published in the Entertainment coupon book as well as Smart Source Magazine.
My designs themselves, have evolved from a very heavy colorful retail approach to a clean and visual contemporary style that focuses on the brand rather than the promo.
It took some pulling to get my designs evolved into what I call the KISS method (Keep It Simple Stupid). It started sometime in October 2013 when we began working with another design firm in NYC. We had countless meetings where I voiced my direction, and approach to the design style guide that was implemented back in 2011. I wanted to see something white and open. I wanted the colors to be the many popular brands and not let the typography out do the intricate style of these fragrances. Happily, the team agreed and we moved forward giving a facelift to a discount perfume shop, and making it something that is on par with the design names that we promote.
The samples that you see on this page are all designs from the last few months, and sales that are currently being promoted. The Jimmy Choo graphic is one of the home page promotional images that work with our customized Java script slider. As you can see, we have based the dramatic crops and details of the fragrances as opposed to the over powering presence of the sale at hand. Of late, we are still experimenting product vs. promo in our email campaigns as well as our site artwork. Recently, we seem to do better calling out the larger sales like our customer favorite 25% OFF one day sale that we do monthly. →


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