Turtle Lake Golf LLC

I just completed this commission a week ago. It is my first freelance gig since I moved down south. I was fortunate to take this opportunity to do a little illustration incorporated with this branding design. This project was given to me by the members of the Moose Lodge over here in Dade City, FL. They recently acquired the golf course and wanted to something less fancy and fun tongue and cheek. The described to me they wanted red neck golf with a Turtle being it's mascot for Turtle lake. I first began with an initial sketch of the turtle on photoshop using my Wacom Tablet. I knew this was going to be a logo so I immediately created the rest of design through Adobe Illustrator. I love working on vector drawings even though the process can be very time consuming. When I finally completed the Turtle I began looking for a fun font to use. The Turtle Lake font is called Chocolate Dealer Bold you can find the font here (http://www.1001freefonts.com/chocolate_dealer.font). I am not one for fancy or crazy fonts but given the subject matter I decided to go a little off the cuff then normal. A colleague of mine recommended a wood background to finish off the piece. I think the the wood definitely complimented the overall composition. In the end of I completed three different compositions. The client wanted A but then after compiling the files at the last minute he decided to go with C. I personally favored C. I am really looking forward to moving on a website and other forms of media with this logo. Drawing cartoons or characters like this is not usual for me. I tend to stay more darker and grittier with my style. Working on this piece made me think of one of my favorite artists I admire. Neal Adams is best known for his works at DC comics. If you ever seen his Batman it's iconic. A fun fact about Neal Adams he is also commercial artist. One of his character designs is the Nasonex Bee. As much as I love to illustrate I find it hard in my life now to juggle it with design and being a father. I hope in the future I can do more.

Turtle Lake Golf LLC Turtle Lake Golf LLC  Logo Concepts
Turtle Lake Golf LLC  Sketch


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