Westgate Resorts

In 2014 I moved down to Florida and began working in the hospitality industry. It has been quite a shift to working in retail for a number of years. I was challenged in handling my thinking of how to create a clean user experience and inteface to our new and existing renters and owners. Westgate is a huge private company with many facets. My team is small but highly productive group. I was very lucky to be given the opportunity on building the new WestgateResorts.com site as well as manitaining our existing Westgate Destinations.com sister site.

I was given the sole responsibility to create the mobile and desktop UX to designing the UI. I had a team of over two lead developers and a group of backend developers building this massive project. I was very proud of the final design and completion. We are currently working on building a version 2.0 with modifications to the UI. My only complaint is I wish I was part of building the admin User Experience. I feel it is very unorganized and lacks simplicity and style.

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